Our email marketing system allows you to target and deliver your message to a variety of potential new customers in demographic, qualitative, or behavioral categories, with the ability to retarget recipients in apps and online.

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What is Email Marketing?

Unlike other forms of advertising that require potential customers to engage with a platform before they receive your content, email marketing directly engages your message with potential customers without the constraints of consumer engagement. Your marketing communication is delivered straight into the inbox of users interested in your products or services. Getting the right message to the right person at the right time is one of the biggest challenges in advertising, and email marketing is key in removing that barrier.

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Email Marketing Has The Ability to Elevate Your Marketing Efforts

Whether it’s a standalone campaign directed towards 100,000 recipients in your target demographic, or an additional marketing touchpoint in your marketing mix, email marketing can make the difference in how you reach potential customers.

Email marketing provides the ability to hyper-target based on consumer demographics, behaviors, lifestyle triggers, intent to purchase, and more, all while providing an additional layer of online and social media re-targeting to openers. After the campaign concludes, WNEM Marketing will provide you with precise performance analytics to measure your campaign’s effectiveness.

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