What is Cause Marketing and Why You Need It

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Mar 17, 2021 10:32:00 AM

What is Cause Marketing and Why You Need It-1

Establishing your business as part of the community helps your brand resonate with local consumers and stand apart from the competition. Engaging in cause marketing campaigns allows you to give back to your community while cementing your brand identity amongst your key audience. People have more respect for brands that positively contribute to their communities. Seventy percent of people also want to know what their favorite brands are doing to support causes they care about.

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Using cause marketing, you can support local charitable organizations that share your values and interests. Your customers will see that you care.

What Is Cause Marketing?

Cause marketing uses your resources, staff, and funding to contribute to your local communities. In addition to doing goodwill, businesses can increase their market share and revenue through an effective, emotionally connective marketing campaign. Through cause marketing, companies can give to their communities while increasing brand awareness, building more recognition, and a positive reputation.

A local grocery store may work with a local food bank to provide those in need in the community with fresh food. The grocery store could get involved in various food distribution events, dedicating staff and time to the cause. The business could also launch TV ads and digital marketing campaigns to raise funds for the food bank, reflecting positively on that grocer and attracting more customers.

A substantial cause marketing campaign can be the key to connecting with your audiences on a personal level. Over 80% of consumers prioritize businesses they feel are responsible or caring over more distant brands. The more you establish your company as a valuable member of the community instead of just another entity trying to gain their business, the more customers you'll attract.

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The Benefits of Cause Marketing

There are several critical benefits of cause marketing for both businesses and consumers. Business owners can develop more brand credibility in their service areas, give to the community directly, and significantly increase people's general trust in your brand. Consumers know they can trust you to meet their needs based on your efforts. It creates a means of connecting with customers that your competitors may not have.

Consumers also get something out of cause marketing. Your business provides food or other goods that help those in need through certain hardships. Your audiences can also take comfort in knowing the brands they share their values, providing them with a guilt-free customer experience that improves their loyalty.

How to Get Involved

There are several ways to get involved in your local community to use cause marketing to your advantage. You can begin by selecting the specific type of program or initiative you would like to support. Choose an initiative that aligns your industry, goals, and values shared by both business owners and staff. 

To give you some ideas, here are some cause marketing tips for how you can get involved.

Partner with Local Businesses or Charities

Partnering with local companies or charities already involved in the community introduces your brand to people in the area who might be unfamiliar with you. People who learn of you through your efforts will associate your brand with organizations they already trust, leading them to trust you more readily. Through a partnership, you might participate in local food drives, charity fundraisers, or other events, ultimately showing local consumers that you're a valuable contributor to the community.

Host a Virtual Event or Drive

Hosting virtual events or drives has become increasingly popular due to the pandemic restrictions. Virtual events include food drives, backpack drives, silent auctions, or even a fun run or 5K. You can make sure these events account for virtual constraints. For instance, if you hold an annual race of some kind, you can have everyone register for the run online and complete the run on their own time. Participants can then record it virtually to compare their performance with others. 

Work with a Media Partner

Working with a media partner already involved in its own initiatives allows you to leverage their efforts. That way you’re able to contribute even if you don’t have the time and resources to fully host events. A media partner's outreach program can make it easier for you to connect with the community. The right company will provide the staff and connections required to help you establish a strong local presence. You’ll also be able to use your existing digital efforts for an integrated approach to your marketing strategy.

Connect with Your Community Through Solid Cause Marketing

Cause marketing is crucial for showing the value you bring to the community and resonate with local audiences. An effective cause marketing campaign positions your local business to boost brand awareness, win people's trust, and convert more prospects into loyal customers. The sooner you get into cause marketing, the sooner you can build and maintain your reputation among local audiences.

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