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Feb 23, 2022 1:31:00 PM


Social media is one of the most popular digital channels in the world. Today, more than 4.55 billion people actively use social media. People also frequently buy from brands they see on their favorite platforms. Facebook for Business found that 83% of people use Instagram alone to discover new offerings, with 87% making purchases and taking other actions after viewing product information.

If you're not using paid social media ads, you're missing out on a huge opportunity to connect with your target audiences. Here we'll discuss the importance of paid social media, along with how to get started on your next campaign.

Discover How to Succesfully Measure Your ROI

Why Is Paid Social Media Worth It?

Paid social media offers numerous benefits that make it worth using for nearly any type of business. Using paid social, you'll gain a deeper understanding of your customers, increase your chances of reaching target audiences, and boost overall online visibility.

Additionally, you can use paid social campaigns to expand your brand's reach, strengthen credibility, increase customer retention, and drive more high-quality traffic.

Getting Started with Paid Social

Your business will be able to experience the benefits of paid social by getting started as soon as possible. In the process, you'll be on your way to more leads and more engagement. The following is a brief guide on how to get started.

Choose Which Platforms to Use

The very first step of any paid social campaign will involve determining where your target audience spends its time. You'll need to choose one or more specific social media platforms to use based on a few key criteria. These include knowing your audience and what platforms they are most likely to use.

In addition, think about your brand and to whom it appeals. For example, if you're a creative brand, you may want to use more visually-oriented platforms like Instagram. Meanwhile, tech startups are likely to spend more time on LinkedIn and Facebook to connect with professionals and investors, among others.

Establish Goals for Paid Social Media Marketing

Before developing your paid social ads and launching your campaigns, you need to have specific goals in place. The right plans will give your campaigns a clear direction and help you measure their success. Think about what you want to achieve with your campaigns and the type you want to run.

For instance, your goal may be to increase brand awareness for your business, or it may be to increase sales. Based on these goals, you can set certain key performance indicators (KPIs) to help you track your campaign's progress. These KPIs might be a certain number of social media followers, leads, or visitors to your website. You may also want to keep track of impressions and views if you're going to expand your reach.

Do Your Research

Once you've set goals for your paid social campaigns, you can begin researching. First, identify your target audience based on social media demographics, interests, and pain points. Various segments of your audience may use different platforms, depending on their lifestyles and interests. You can even build buyer personas around these segments to better understand them.

Based on your research, begin deciding on the creative elements you want to use, including visuals and content. Finally, you must include engaging CTAs that successfully encourage people to perform the desired action.

To help determine whether your campaigns are ready to go, you can test them beforehand. Through A/B testing, you can run two versions of the same ad at once to see which performs best. Each version would feature a single variable, such as an image, CTA, or copy. For example, you might run two ads featuring a different picture. One might attract more engagement and a generally favorable response than the other. You can then abandon or optimize the other ad and launch the one that yields better results.

Partner with an Agency for Expert Paid Social Campaigns

With the right approach, paid social media ads can give your company the boost it needs to succeed online. You can benefit from some assistance in the form of a media partner. With WNEM Marketing, you can work with experts who have plenty of knowledge and experience around paid social media advertising. We'll help you build highly targeted and successful campaigns that give you the ability to meet your business goals.

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